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"Teen Sur-Thrival" Series
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Book 1 of 3

November 25, 2022

Building Unstoppable Self-Confidence For Teens


Book 2 of 3

July 21, 2023

88 Life-Changing High School Hacks

Editorial Reviews:

"Building Unstoppable Self-Confidence for Teens is a candid, conversational guide to navigating adolescence that comes from a place of hard-won wisdom and deep compassion. Derek T Freeman offers practical strategies for overcoming negative thinking, finding purpose, and embracing opportunities for growth—and shares examples from his own struggles (bullying, body shame, difficulty fitting in, etc.) to show that he has been there, and he does get it. Growing pains are inevitable, but we're never quite as alone as we feel. Opening this book is like entering a safe space; there's no judgment or pressure—and the author is your coach, your confidant, and your biggest fan. Get it ... and get empowered!" John B. Valeri, Author, Book Critic & Host of the web series Central Booking

"Freeman breaks down the difference between self-esteem (how you FEEL about yourself) and self-confidence (your belief in your ABILITIES), from body image to bullies, mindfulness, self-discovery inventories, health, hygiene, safety, popularity, social media/influences, and more. Each section is packed with conversations and 'hacks' to being one's best self—mindfulness, gratitude journals, lists, and more. BUILDING UNSTOPPABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE FOR TEENS is a warm, supportive pep-talk from a coach/friend/big brother/uncle/dad for both guys and gals—and their parents (who may have forgotten what it's like)." — Leslie A. Lindsay, Creator & Host of the award-winning author interview series Always with a Book

"I needed this book 40 years ago! Freeman has taken the crucial things to know and put them into bite-sized pieces, easily digestible for teens. I learned some hacks that I am going to start implementing in mid-life. The sooner you get this book in your teens' hands, the better. Whole schools should use this book to teach life skills. This is one of those books you will go back to again and again, as needed. Thank you, Derek, for breaking these ideas down into one location!" — Cynthia Coufal, Podcast Host & Teen Life Coach at “Better Regulate Than Never”

88 Life-Changing High School Hacks is something I wish I had read as a teenager. Derek T Freeman’s take on providing teens with life knowledge is engaging, funny, and addresses many issues teens and young adults may face. Topics range from getting your first job to dealing with conflict and even ancient life wisdom (and so much more). His unique perspective and insight are delivered in a fun, quick, direct, and easy-to-follow way that keeps you thinking long after the read.” — Samantha, Life Coach & Content Creator of YouTube channel “Stop Look and Listen with Samantha”

“Why just survive when you can thrive? Derek T Freeman’s 88 LIFE-CHANGING HIGH SCHOOL HACKS is an essential cheat sheet for students looking to get more results with less effort. Chock full of practical advice, time-saving tips, gentle truth bombs, and good humor, the author guides readers to (greater) independence and self-fulfillment—which can be achieved both from the outside in and the inside out. It’s the perfect back-to-school (or anytime) read for teens – or any student of life, really.” – John B. Valeri, Author, Book Critic & Host of the web series “Central Booking”

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